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"I thought it was an adventure and in reality it was life."
Joseph Conrad
José Manuel Ferrater, winner of two LAUS prizes and creator of countless national and international photography campaigns in the world of fashion, is a master of game-playing and provocation. He creates settings with elements that are as basic as they are unconventional: expressiveness, strength and transgression. He has collaborated with Cosmic in the launch of the Bath Life furniture collection designed by Carlos Ferruz.

José Manuel Ferrater
Photography session
Q: When looking at your work, there is a feeling of action, an impression of movement… To what extent does game-playing go beyond the set and portray itself in the photograph?

A: It is a vital question. Throughout my life I have constantly sought a humorous touch. I laugh at myself. In my work I try to convey a wink to the audience, to communicate with the people who will see the photographs, to establish a connection. Fashion photography doesn’t strictly respond to reality. You’re trying to sell something, it’s a job, but it must go beyond the product. The aim is to make the viewer look at it. On the other hand, I always try to make working as fun as possible and I have a great team of people with whom it is a great pleasure to collaborate.
Q: Originality implies a huge challenge, especially in such a competitive field as the fashion world. What are your basic ground-rules in order to continue being provocative?

A: You don’t end up being provocative, you are provocative. Again, it’s a question of vital attitude. I fought against the dictatorship, I was a fashion-victim when it was really difficult being one… It is imperative to be provocative. It permeates everything, and therefore my work. It is a very healthy exercise to rebel against everything that our environment imposes on us, to oppose the system and to laugh at ourselves. Provocation is to do with sincerity and I have always tried to produce sincere photographs. Honesty is fundamental, for my clients and for me.
Q: What was the inspiration for the photographs in the Bath Life collection for Cosmic?

A: Alter several meetings and working with a very specific brief, I tried to give shape to the commission. Although it was very clear that we were presenting a product, I could work with freedom and represent the Cosmic trademark and its characteristics of modernity and elegance through a look and a certain light thought out in detail for the occasion. Everyone can make what they want of this work, but a clear feeling is transmitted: something is exploding. The photographs represent energy and dynamism. One of the keys was the choice of the model, as she lends sensuality to using the objects and transports them from the neutral environment displayed in the photographs to a much more intimate universe.
Cosmic have just set in motion the new Project Branch whose aim is covering up the requirements of architects, decorators, interior designers, builders and developers. Through this project, Cosmic want to show in public their wide range of products as well as to commit themselves to give efficient and devoted service to that group of professionals.

Cosmic give one step up on their way and put forward their best solutions for their prescriptors, adjusting their best options to each project’s requirements. To do so, Cosmic take care of making personalized analysis, supported by both technical and commercial assessment which back up their professionalism and concern to obtain best results.

Also, Cosmic pay special attention to their dealers by supporting and assessing about the presentations and negotiation of their products as well as offering excellent after-sales service.
With this Branch, Cosmic can maximize their service and offer a wide range of possibilities to the whole group of professionals. Thus, Cosmic have succeeded in getting profits for all the parties that might take part in the project.

For further information please contact Mariona Puig, person in charge of the Projects Department, at the telephone +34 93 865 42 77 or at the mail: mpuig@icosmic.com
COSMIC, forming part of the group of companies associated to SIDI, International Interior Design Selection, attended the latest edition of the International Furniture Fair in Valencia, presenting the collection of bathroom furniture and accessories, Bath Life: a new concept in luxury designed by Carles Ferruz.

With Bath Life, Cosmic offers one of the most comprehensive, suggestive and innovative offers on the market: hand-basins, mirrors, side-cabinets, accessories, bathtubs, shower basins… Their design is based on the use of noble materials evoking pure, sophisticated forms, which turn this collection into a timeless series, for demanding, avant-garde individuals seeking a haven of well-being and harmony in their bathroom.

Bath Life includes two models of hand-basin: one conceived as a large table allowing it to be placed in the middle of the room, and another for hanging; both available in different sizes, single- or double-breasted. The bathroom is outstanding, a special item because of its size and treatment which is placed island-style and has been designed in shapes to adapt to the body and enhance comfort, as well as an innovative water filling and emptying system which operates from the base of the bathtub. This collection is complemented with two models of shower basin and a wide range of side-cabinets lacquered in white or anthracite grey.

The stand, designed by Maria Flaqué, recreated two areas in an intimate atmosphere where the low lighting and the contrast between the black of the stand and the white of the collection emphasized the profiles of the pieces, drawing all the attention to the latter. The Fair ended with a large number of visitors approaching the stand to find out about the Bath Life collection, which was highly acclaimed.
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