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  Madrid, From 15th to 18th February
Pavilion 5
Stand D3
At COSMIC we have turned the bathroom into something more than just a physical space: a stage for enjoying the senses. A world full of suggestions… We invite you to see it at CASAPASARELA where you will be able to enjoy our latest novelties in washbasins: BATH LIFE and COMPACT, and the presentation of the furniture collection BLOCK.
"I love simple pleasures; they provide a refuge for complicated people."
Oscar Wilde
Ricard Ferrer presents the DROP work surface complements collection for Cosmic, reinterpreting the every day use of objects through formal exploration, playing with the transparency of materials.

Ricard Ferrer
Q: What is the starting point for DROP collection?

A: We wanted to reproduce our own feelings about the bath atmosphere… Drop is born from the image of a water drop which gets adapted and flows over the surfaces. That is why we have developed some opaque interior pieces and a transparent cover where inner elements that make up the pieces seem to be floating. Their shapes emphasize the idea of fluency. We started from each object’s stereotype shape to make them easily recognizable. These objects are even rounder as if they had been eroded by water.

Q: Have materials been decisive for the result of their shape?

A: Our first goal was to suggest a high standard product, comparable to those of the most technically developed sectors. Secondly, we wanted to reach a best relation between the inner and the outer piece through transparency.

To reach these goals we decided to use methacrylate because it offers an excellent result between endurance and transparency and a perfect union between all components by means of ultrasound welding.

Q: Please use three adjectives to describe this collection…

A: Liquid, magical, smart.
COSMIC, creators of the bathroom as the setting for enjoying beautiful and functional objects conceptually conceived to provide pleasure and wellbeing, presents COMPACT, a new collection of washbasins designed by the COSMIC STUDIO and where functionality is combined with contemporary design.

After the success of the Waterproof collection, COSMIC endeavours to intensify cleanliness and simplicity by creating a new bathroom line made in BathStone, aluminium hydroxide with synthetic resin, a highly resistant material that is easy to maintain and allows optimum preservation of parts. It is designed to combine simple forms that include additional functions such as towel holders or storage space in a single component. It is this linking of different elements that gives it its name COMPACT.

The collection is made up of an extensive range of models and sizes. washbasins with single or double basins, with drawers, or integrated towel holders, in smaller sizes, more conventional sizes for the home or extra large models for luxury projects with more space. And in addition, it is complemented by three shower tray models; making this collection a generous and comprehensive one for all kinds of users and requirements.

With COMPACT, COSMIC concludes its search for the avant-garde to meet functionality.
Salvador-Edgar Martí y Parreño, Cosmic’s General Director, was awarded on 23 November with “JOAN PLANAS” one of the Awards by Bufí y Planas Foundation to business trajectory.

Bufí y Planas Awards’ aim is the acknowledgement of persons and institutions. Those Institutions are managed by people who stand out for respecting their personal commitment over economic reasons. This time the Jury have decided to award Salvador-Edgar Martí with “Joan Planas” Award because of the confidence he has had in his company during all these years. “Joan Planas” awards commitment, effort and huge personal sacrifice carried out to start up again a company that was to go bankrupt. Cosmic had a difficult start when Salvador’s father had serious health problems that forced him sell all his goods in order to save the company and its jobs.

After all that effort and commitment, Cosmic, which once was a family business, has become a multinational that at present gives work to over 130 people and has received “Príncipe Felipe” Award to the Business Excellence in 2003.
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