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Ricard Ferrer presents his collection of worktop for Cosmic: Saku

  Its plant-like shapes and colours are inspired by nature itself.  

How would you define this collection?

Saku arises from a change in the perception of the bathroom environment, by awakening a sensitivity that leads us back to a more attractive look, closer to the user.  A recess to purity, to nature, to the organic, with light and delicately shaped objects that also give the collection an aura of sophistication. 

What inspired your design?

Shapes of plants, how they grow and evolve, hence the name for the collection, “saku” to flower in Japanese. The idea was to study it formally from an Eastern perspective; the study of nature and the role it plays in its culture and traditions, while still including a conceptual and constructive precision. 

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Who is the collection for?

It is not easy to identify a single profile for Saku. I think different sensitivities can be brought together and it might be surprising.
Although it is a formally sophisticated collection, its wide range of colours can function very well in different environments.

Could you describe this collection using three adjectives?

Plant-like, pure, organic.


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Casa Pasarela took place in Madrid from February 14th to February 17th where we presented our new collections next to the best firms in the habitat sector.
A great number of customers, professionals and journalists visited our stand. They could enjoy our exclusive UPGRADE environment which bets for free spaces and surfaces; the exclusive presentation of the furniture collection FLOW, a combination of natural shapes with a strict and functional geometry, and EXTREME, extremely elegant accessories.

  BLUESPACE: The new Bath culture  

In the CEVISAMA fair contest from February 5th to February 9th, CEVISAMA INDI presented Bluespace, the International Exposition of the New Bath Culture, where our SIMPLEX and PROJECT collections were presented among others. It was an exclusive space, with museum characteristics. A tribute to design and, at the same time, a guide to immerse into the future of the bath.

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  Our Environmental Management  

In COSMIC, conscious about the impact that the new technologies and the new processes are causing in our surroundings, we have developed an own system based on ecologic criteria that introduces daily habits in our installation management and in our daily works, helping in this way to preserve the natural resources.

Recycling and having a correct management of paper, carton, plastic, wood and electrical devices helps us to minimize waste contributing in this way with the sustainable development model.

In 2007 we recycled:
-  6.3 tons of paper
- 184 square metres of plastic
- 278 square metres of carton

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