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Functional sensuality in the new FLOW bathroom furniture


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FLOW has been created by the prestigious designer Martín Ruiz de Azua for COSMIC and combines the sensuality of natural shapes with rigid and functional geometrical forms. The collection comprises washbasin units, cabinets, taps and mirrors. The design is a return to the organic and natural; washbasins with undulating suggestive forms, designed to model the movement of water, like rocks or stones with the ebb of rivers, with continuous surfaces so the water can flow away from all points.

The cabinets also adhere to a natural aesthetic thanks to their wenge, oak and charcoal finishes. Inside they hold additional perspectives: ample spaces, thanks to a hidden drainage system that makes full use of the drawers as well as innovative storage solutions, such as an inside drawer with dividers to help keep the bathroom organised.

The collection is complemented with adjustable mirrors that permit the angle of focus to be altered and taps designed in harmony with the washbasins.

FLOW brings a new aesthetic dimension to the bathroom, based on a return to the sensuality of nature.



  Collaboration with the ELISAVA School  

COSMIC always surrounded by an extra contribution of creative talent, entrusted the Elisava Design School students of Product Conceptualization Postgraduate with a study about the bathrooms of the future.

These were divided in 10 groups to work and question the technology of the bath spaces and how they adapt to different kinds of users. Various sessions were taken in common in which Cosmic gave them a more industrial and customer aim point of view.

As a result, many interesting proposals emerged giving solutions to add new technologies to bathrooms. The starting point is health, sustainability and wellness.


  100% Spanish Design Project in Milan  

The Economic and Commercial Office at the Spanish Embassy in Milan has completed an innovative design project with the aim to meet the Office institutional needs. COSMIC, together with other Spanish firms of international renown, has contributed by taking part with its bath products. The project, made by Francesc Rifé, aspires to become the best Spanish design showcase and point of reference.



  COSMIC retakes in exclusiveness for VINÇON the mythic bathroom accessories Collection: ISMO  

ISMO designed by Ricard Ferrer for COSMIC, as a final Project, returns to the market in exclusiveness for VINÇON in order to satisfy people who look for maximum functionality in the bathroom through simple and logical objects.
After more than 15 years, ISMO has become one of the most persisting collections in time

“The best praise that an object can get is missing it when it is no longer with us”  


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  INTERNI (june 2008)  

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