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ORGANICS, the warmth of natural shapes 

ORGANICS, a new collection of accessories and practical objects designed by Ricard Ferrer, puts together natural shapes and elegant and sophisticated lines. Products without edges, shaped according to its use. Its design is inspired by the water erosion and the way water blurs the outlines and shapes them, making the edges sweeter.

The collection consists of a wide range of accessories: shelves, towel rack, towel ring, paper holder and hook; and practical objects: dispenser, soap dish, glass, toilet brush, combining chrome and high quality ABS plastic in four colours: white, black, mink and off-white. Warm colours in line with the new furniture additions such as SOFT and FLOW.

With ORGANICS the bath takes a temporary and balanced look.





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Presentation of our latest novelties at ISH09 Fair

The last edition of the ISH Fair took place in Frankfurt from March 10th to 14th where, once more, we presented our latest novelties.
Many customers and professionals visited our stand. In it, they saw our novelties: INSIDE, SOFT, ORGANICS and NEXT as well as the furniture and washbasin launchings for 2009: HIRO, ICON and MIX. These are collections which COSMIC STUDIO together with well known designers as Ricard Ferrer, Martín Ruíz Azúa, Xavier Claramunt and Miquel de Mas contribute in new solutions for order and storage. Technological innovation and functionality are combined to make the bathroom a place for aesthetics and sensorial pleasure.

It was during this fair when we were awarded with the Design Plus 09 prize for our FLOW furniture collection. This prize is given by the German Council in collaboration with the Messe Frankfurt.





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Salvador Edgar Martí & Miguel Ángel Munar


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MicroCosmic is a videoart created by Chop Suey and Pau Viladot for COSMIC, a journey through the stages of matter: the body, water and relaxation through the experience of the bath. Experience evaporation as a moment of purification, cleansing as a change from one state to another. Experience water as the culmination of the cycle and movement as life.

A bath is a place for introspection, meditation and dreaming. In those special moments in which we have the time and peace of mind to travel through our inner experience the bathroom can be the ideal setting for a journey through states of consciousness we do not usually reach, for deep relaxation and to become immersed in ourselves.







Chop Suey

“My aim was above all to contribute to the experience of the inner journey set in motion by the sensorial perception which Pau Vidalot's images inspire in me. I also sought to depict their para-hypnotic introspection as a kind of trance, meditative state or mystical experience.”




Pau Viladot

“We are embarking on a journey towards the origin of matter in expansion. The journey, a metaphor for an emotional tour, calls for us to strip ourselves of outward encumbrances and forget our most figurative references. Moving through an abstract landscape we find we can break matter down to reveal its origin and essence.
Visualising the microscopic cosmos and its growth, following its inverse development to discover the origin of shapes and their purest representation (the cell, the atom, the sphere) we return from this journey bearing only the most essential, the origin of everything. And from this origin, by the power of our imagination, we can make any form or being grow again.”


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