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INSIDE, a new concept in bathroom aesthetics

COSMIC, creator of bathrooms as areas for enjoying beautiful and functional objects that are conceptually conceived to provide pleasure and well-being, presents INSIDE, a new concept in  aesthetics designed by COSMIC STUDIO

Compact furniture with pure lines and neat surfaces which composes all its functions in the inside.

The built-in tap basin, a part from giving a clean and pure aesthetics to the furniture, it carries out functional purposes: it takes the most out of space of the surface and avoids splashing thanks to the deepness of the sink.

Interior spaces that open new point of views: wide spaces thanks to the hidden waste system making the most out of space in the drawers and innovative solutions to storage thanks to the divisor elements.

Washbasins come in matt or shiny BathStone and can be combined with a daring range of furniture colours: white, mink, ruby, orange and metallic grey. The collection also includes cupboards and backlit mirrors.

With INSIDE the bathroom space becomes a neat place dressed in the ultimate colour tendencies.






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Improvements to the UPGRADE bath

In November a new model of the UPGRADE bath will be coming out to replace both current models. The new bath remains similar in appearance to the previous ones with an intermediate size (200x80cm), in response to customer needs.  Some of its special features and functions include:
The overflow hole has been moved to the left to enable installation of an independent drainage system with a greater capacity.
The piece has been manufactured with a mould, which gives it more consistency and inside corners are more rounded to aid surface cleaning.





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At the Tokyo Design Week from 30 October to 3 November our furniture collection FLOW designed by Martín Ruiz de Azúa and Gerard Moliné will be shown as part of the exhibition “I’m in Love” organised by the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX) for the presenting of design products from leading Spanish companies.




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The website has been updated with two new interactive catalogues: one for furniture families with toilet, washbasins, auxiliary units, shower plates, taps, lighting and mirrors; and the other with fittings, accessories and textiles. Dividing the catalogue into two has made it more practical and user- friendly.

The catalogues also contain the latest new features: in washbasin pieces the INSIDE, SOFT and the new lacquered FLOW and BLOCK; in auxiliary pieces HIRO; in lighting the new appliqué to hang over the LIGHT mirror; in mirrors the new BASIC collection; in accessories and fittings ORGANICS; and in accessories NEXT.



If you have not had the chance to see them yet, visit our website where you can view and download them.

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FLOW selected for the Delta de Plata 2009

Once again we have been selected for the Delta de Plata organised by the ADI-FAD. This time for the FLOW washbasin furniture collection designed by Martín Ruiz de Azúa and Gerard Moliné. The award recognises products that stand out for their creativity, environmental suitability, production precision and manufacturing quality.
Finalist products will be exhibited at the FAD from 2 November and winners will be made public on 5 November.

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