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Cosmic, creator of the bathroom as the backdrop for enjoying beautiful and functional objects, is extending its offices and logistics warehouse in line with the company’s current expansion.
The project is located in a plot adjacent to the previous factory and offices. Its starting point is the creation of a unique building in tune with its surroundings that at the same time maintains a perfect balance inside between functionality and versatility. With these fundamental premises in mind,  the extension maintains as far as possible a link between warehouses.  The office building too has been located in an area facing a stream, whereby its views and surroundings promote harmonious communication.

The new warehouse, a large rectangular sheet prism covering 8,000 m2, with lights of over 30 metres and a height of 14 metres, is an extension of the old building and aligns its previous irregular geometry.  

Three elements only were chosen for the offices building: concrete, steel and glass.  These materials and the use of industrial construction techniques afford the building ample open spaces divided into four floors of 1,000 m2 each. Access is through a side street between the car park and the new warehouse. At the end a glimpse is given of a large concrete porch reached through a long walkway built over a patio, giving on to a garden area and a large fountain.

Inside, the main access level gives order to the three floors comprising the public part of the building through a suspended stairway lit up by a vast central skylight.  This floor contains three meeting rooms, a large convention room and a surface area of 200m2 devoted to a showroom.

The other two floors for offices have been laid out to take full advantage of the natural light and encourage inter-communication. With this in mind, the working area is organised as a completely open space delimited by offices and glass meeting rooms.

These three floors have a useful height of 3.60 metres and are delineated by a three-sided glass wall with vertical windows that permit natural ventilation and access outside.

Meanwhile the lower floor, to be used as a testing room, has been prepared for research and development of new products.

The use of cutting- edge technology in the entire project means the offices are easy to access and maintain, while permitting future adaptation to new systems or further extension.

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