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COSMIC has renewed its website. A more attractive look and a more dynamic structure make easier both the navigation and access to the information. Seven main areas with new contents are covered (Company, Designers, Product, Catalogue, Contract, Dealers and Contact) and multiple improvements have been carried out.


The identity of the firm is shown through sections such as the Design Management, the Image Campaigns, the Events, the Designers, etc. Sections full of pictures that show the history of COSMIC from its beginning to now.


In the PRODUCT area, the website provides detailed information on products, its materials and its finishings. A picture of each product is shown, individually and in a bath atmosphere. The catalogue, the instructions sheets and the technical designs (CAD) can be downloaded. The customer can discover a great range of products: cabinets, basins, bath tubs, faucets, lamps, mirrors and accessories.



This information is complemented in the CATALOGUE area. The catalogues of all COSMIC series can be downloaded. Besides, the General Catalogue and the Exclusive Atmosphere Catalogue are displayed in interactive version.


One of the new areas of the website is CONTRACT, the specialised division that provides individual and global solutions to construction or refurbishing projects. Some of the most outstanding projects of the firm are listed here.


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